Outreach Management

Powered by APX Solutions, LabLogix is a fully integrated web based and mobile management application that allows clinical and hospital laboratories to efficiently run their outreach and extended care programs. LabLogix’s full suite of tools streamlines the process from the time the doctor orders bloodwork until testing is complete.

Reduce Cost, Streamline & Expand

LabLogix was built for high volume labs looking to reduce operation costs and smaller labs looking to expand their program while keep costs to a minimum.

Fully Managed

APX Solutions and the LabLogix system is a "one stop shop" for your clients. In addition to the LabLogix software and support, APX solutions will purchase, manage and support all 3rd party hardware/software and corresponding service contracts listed in the section below that is necessart to operate the LabLogix System.

LabLogix MP: Increase Mobile Phlebotomy Productivity

Looking at the data

Reduce Total Hours

Reduce mobile phlebotomy total hours and overtine by over 30%.

Increased Productivity

Increase house call performed per hour by 45% and nursing home patients by 20%.

Turn Around Time

80% reduction in the time from specimens arriving at the lab until the first test is resulted.

LabLogix Outreach Complete - Management Suite

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LabLogix CX

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